Pope evansio’s reflection2021 week 40 Title: Impulsive or intentional?


Dr. Agbenyo.

Growing up with my kid brother Simon Jnr was thrilling. We loved football. In an interesting way, we always seemed to be on the opposite side of teams. I am for Fabulous Kumasi Asante Kotoko and he is for Glorious Accra Hearts of Oak…he says he is a Gunner for life and I used to be for the Reds (and would say if you are not a Man U fan, then you are a Manure!). Oftentimes when my team was leading and the opponents got a penalty, I would quickly turn off the television believing that I had stopped the progress of the match and would go about celebrating while my brother protested vehemently.

Over time our understanding of how things work increased and we came to the rude awakening that merely putting off the television doesn’t stop live events from happening 🙂…

☸️ Proverbial epistle

People of little insight, understanding and wisdom act impulsively and miss their purpose. We need to be always intentional to become who we were created to be- dominion mandate bearers destined to subdue our world!

⁉️ Random thoughts

  1. Who truly gains by playing ostrich?

☯️ Introspection

Operating with an ostrich policy is a metaphoric expression which connotes the tendency to ignore obvious matters and pretend they do not exist. This came obviously from the supposed habit of ostriches to stick their head in the sand rather than face danger/ challenges.

✌️My interactions with people and my own life’s trajectories in this pilgrimage called life have revealed that playing ostrich with our challenges most often pushes us to the wall at the last hour and makes us act/ react impulsively to situations (which should have otherwise been under our control).

💪 Pretending challenges/ problems do not exist does not allow us to invest in understanding systems, processes and trouble shooting to find life changing answers.

💪 It would rather make us plan to fail by failing to plan and end up giving excuses and/ or blame others for our woes/underachievement.

💪 Not acting decisively (and waiting till we are pushed to the wall) will make us always seem helpless because we get disconnected from who we truly are and what we are capable of doing. Instead of giving thoughts to our innate abilities and consciously developing them to function optimally, we rather spend all our time wishing we were someone else and keep jumping into things/ situations which have no bearing on our life’s purpose- we simply copy what others are doing blindly.

💪 Oh yes!….impulsive persons lack originality making it difficult to think outside the box to overcome challenges. How can one make massive reforms to any challenging situation when he/ she does not understand the original thought behind it and is not willing to understand same? Can copy cats be greater than the cats?

💪Wouldn’t it be nice if we nurtured ourselves into people of intent by always studying to understand our specific assignments on earth, staying focused and expending energy and resources living our best lives per our assigned roles?

💪We must invest in gaining mastery over the processes/ systems which impact our lives and plan with the end in mind. Our actions/responses must be deliberate and solutions oriented.

💪We must not jump into situations or anything without properly assessing the cost and how they are aligned with our specific assignments. We must be measured in what we do and say. We must strategise to make every situation presented perfect and never scheme to wait for perfect moments.

📷For the avoidance of doubt, living with intent should compel us to understand our fundamental beliefs and values and empower us to actively live our life in line with our purpose. This may enable us to slow down on some activities, dig deep into ourselves and be mindful of our actions/responses to situations/challenges.

🦿The first step is to accept that life is made up of choices (and the quality of our choices define the quality of our lives).

🧠 As we reflect over our lives so far, won’t it be transformative to answer the question as to whether we have been intentional, we are being intentional or merely existing on chance?

💡 Serenity 🪔

Being impulsive means giving up on our purpose and hopes of building the life we need to live.

We must live less out of impulses and more out of intent(deliberately ordered in line with our purpose).


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