Pope evansio’s reflection2021week Title: 39 Living by conviction


By: Dr. Agbenyo.

During one of my outreaches to a remote village( with no electricity and the children had to walk several kilometres to get to school daily) I was approached by a girl who said she wanted to become a doctor. Her main challenge was that nobody believed it was possible because of where she found herself. Any mention of it was rubbished by everyone. I asked her what makes her hold that belief? She just responded: Dr, I just know deep down my heart that I was born to be one to help my people’. I reflected on my own life for a while, and how against all odds, sticking to certain convictions paid off in spite of the fact that some people around me didn’t think they were possible at the outset. I encouraged her to hold on to her conviction and work at it. She beamed with one of the most beautiful healing smiles I had ever seen.

Fast forward, this girl is in the medical school now.

☸️ Proverbial epistle

Convictions are divinely inspired. It’s amazing how we always expect mere mortals to support us before we believe they were achievable! Dare to actualise your dreams!

⁉️ Random thoughts

  1. What is conviction?
  2. How do we hold on to ours?

☯️ Introspection

Conviction is a a very strong/fixed belief or opinion we hold dear.

🫀 People with personal convictions know deep down that something is true and stand on their principles, regardless of the situations and consequences.

🫀 In the current world order where popular opinions are deemed right, having personal conviction is important to keep us from being swayed by the opinions of others or automatically following the masses to possible destruction.

🫀 Convictions are not just mere feelings. They are mostly divinely inspired and align with our purpose.

🫀 Knowing and living with convictions will not come on a silver platter. As long as the people around us cannot see what we are seeing (or feel what we are feeling), they will ridicule us, fight us, doubt us, and possibly put impediments on our way to ensure that we stop holding on to our beliefs and coil into our shell and make their counter opinions seem right.

🫀 However, if we are certain of our convictions, we must hold on to them and assiduously work to actualise them. This may require careful planning, identifying helpers, forgoing some comforts, sacrificing family and friends, enduring sleepless nights, etc. But if we do not waiver, over time, we start bearing fruits and these same detractors will begin to say may be it is possible. And when it is finally achieved, they would want to attach themselves or wholeheartedly come on board to share the glory.

🫀 We must also remember that those who detract us maybe doing so out of genuine concern but if we recognise that some show of true love may be detrimental to our progress, we will stay on course and also be magnanimous in celebrating our achievement when we finally make it.

🫀Even if we fail, we can still learn from it and be fulfilled knowing very well that the inner burning desire has been put to test.

🫀It is also possible to have the wrong convictions based on our ego trains and efforts must be made to test the spirits by consciously considering our motives and the purpose for the end result. If they are just self serving or destructive, then we must think hard before expending energy or pursuing them.

🫀Don’t you agree with me that we need more persons with a moral centre amidst the moral chaos bombarding us too?

💡 Serenity 🪔

Having an inspired conviction is the certainty that something makes sense and resonates with our purpose, and we are willing to take a stand and work towards it irrespective of how others see it or it turns out.

Why don’t we step up from today and rekindle that fire burning deep within us and dare to be different and/or achieve the seemingly impossible? Amen


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