Pope evansio’s reflection2021 week 41Title: A charge to keep I have

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Dr. Agbenyo.

At a crossroad

Several years down memory lane, post medical school and having lived my entire life without a girlfriend, I fell in love with a Ghanaian-born British (through a brother from another mother). I attended discussions/ coaching sessions in Guy’s Hospital, London and was all set to write the PLAB (an exams to enable me practice in UK as a foreign-trained doctor). I had to return to Ghana to round up some unfinished obligations before relocating finally. When I was all set to return to UK, I went to Asankrangua (a remote town with erratic power supply back in the days and no mobile connectivity) with two other UK/USA bound close pals to do one month part-time jobs to make money for our air tickets.

That changed my life’s trajectory. Being faced with the stark reality of the myriads of health needs of the people who were constantly struggling to get stable doctors to attend to them, I was deeply moved to stay back and help but at the same time, I had my life to live. I was at crossroads so I went into a conclave as a Pope to reevaluate my purpose on this earth. I made a decision to abandon all my travel plans. I stayed in the town for years and formed many happy memories…. and sad ones too.

🙆🏼‍♀️ The woes of a patriot

I had to constantly justify my decision as I kept answering these questions presented in various shapes and forms to me…

⁉️Why would I abandon the promise of a British citizenship, better pay, better standard of living for a country which does not truly care about me?

⁉️Even if I had to stay back in Ghana, why choose a rural setting with no mobile connectivity and erratic power supply then?

⁉️Are you sure you are not bewitched? Are you the only one called to save the underprivileged? Why aren’t your friends seeing and hearing the same voice to stay back?

🧠 Thinking aloud

If I could turn back the hands of time, will I still decide to stay in Ghana?

🥱Most likely yes, but before I responded, I really would have loved to find out why instead of being hailed for my decision to stay back, I had to constantly explain myself to some well meaning Ghanians.

🥱Did they see something that I couldn’t see then?

🥱So, if I didn’t deserve to stay back in the country or work in the hinterlands, who should?

🥱Were they being simply unpatriotic or they truly cared about me and wanted to redirect my errant youthful exuberance (that I called compassion in action) back onto the right path?

Self destruction mode activated?

🙊Why are we seeing so many things going wrong in our society?

🙊Is it just social media sensationalism? Don’t we see so many needs pleading for our compassionate act where we are? Are we doing anything about them?

🙊Why do we always wish for a better society when we are honestly never ready to sacrifice our ‘priced lamb’ to make that happen?

🙊How prepared are we to openly support those who are even bold enough to take the right steps to right the wrongs?

🙊How many times do we actively or passively join the masses to ‘murder ‘ such innocent ones whose only wrong is to take the moral centre and/ or let true compassion rule their world?

🙊 Why do we practice a lot of religiosity but no sense of humanity and friendliness with no compassion? Why do we seem so disconnected from the hurting realities of the many people we encounter daily?

🙊 In what ways are we contributing to the mess in our society? If everyone thought or acted like us, will the society be far better or far worse than it is now? Are we willing to sacrifice our comfort to see a positive change happen? Are we bold enough to openly support good initiatives and fight societal wrongs?

🙊 Are we patriotic or partisan in our true values? Why keep blaming the politicians? Don’t they reflect our true nature as a people? Who voted them into power? What guided our decision to vote? If given another chance, how differently will our voting be and what will inform that? If we had the power, are we sure we won’t act in similar manner? How are we impacting our area of influence now?

🪔 Serenity 💡

Isn’t it true that what is happening in our society now is a creation of our perverted thinking put in action in various ways? Can’t we recreate a better society by thinking differently and acting positively in areas within our influence and openly supporting those on the right path too?

Decision time 🙏Amen.


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