Pope evansio’s reflection2021week 44-special edition Title:You are Valuable-arise and shine


By: Dr. Agbenyo.


A friend who is always cynical about his origins reached out into his pocket and brought out a very dirty, crumpled 200 Ghana cedi note to settle part of a debt he owed me. To make up the difference, he pulled out his wallet and a neatly placed one dollar bill came flying out of it. He literally dived to catch it before it landed on the dirty floor. I couldn’t help looking at him in shock. He smiled and said: Pope, that is the real cash and not that piece of sh-t you call money!

🕸️ Proverbial epistle

If people constantly treat us as a piece of worthless beings, we must pause; find out if that is not the value we have placed on ourselves and unconsciously project to others.

⁉️ Random thoughts

  1. Do we see ourselves as truly valuable?
  2. How can we continue to curse our networth and still hope to achieve anything out of it?

🖲️ Introspection

Certainly, we cannot always control how others see and treat us but will we be doing ourselves any better if we also constantly devalue everything and anything we have?

🫑 Are we aware that there is just one unique copy of us and strategically placed in our environment to function optimally? If we do not come to this realisation, we will continue to live as worthless destitutes in a land filled with so much milk and honey.

🫀Surely, we are more valuable than the way we perceive ourselves. If only we knew how uniquely valuable we are:

🧠we will value ourselves, develop our gifts(raw talents) into strengths and produce results with a mark of distinction.

🧠We will engage in acts and practices which will project our rich heritage rather than rubbish our worth in the world community.

🧠 We will not offer substandard services, lie to and cheat one another and still pretend we are hospitable.

🧠We will not be late to virtually everywhere and will not be doing part-time at our permanent places of work and run them down.

🧠 We will not be in, say, Ghana and price goods and services in dollars and still hope that our currency will be strong miraculously. We will not continue to say nasty things about ourselves and glorify anything foreign.

🧠 We will not call our culturally rich(within budget) marriage ceremony engagement and an expensive foreign import as wedding(with the full connivance of the religious bodies which are supposed to know better and encourage our uniqueness in the creation of our Maker).

🧠 We will not continue to glorify titles and certificates over skills, experience, hardwork and dedicated services to the detriment of our common good.

🧠We will not allow politics to numb our sense of morality and truths and throw integrity to the dogs.

🧠We will take our health seriously and eat our foods as medicines, rest well and excercise adequately.

🧠We will not spend on the things we don’t need, with the money we don’t have, just to please people who don’t even know we exist.

🧠As a people, we will grow what we need and add value to the abundant raw natural resources and get real value for our toils.

🧠 We will never settle for a life that is less than the one we are capable of living and let go of people who constantly strive to devalue us and never appreciate our efforts.

💞 Do we need a sooth sayer to tell us that no one gets blessed by anything/anyone she/he curses?

💞 It is time to recognise that we are wonderfully made and specifically placed in our environment to make the best out of things entrusted to us.

💞Placing value on ourselves will make us think and act as royals with integrity and excellence as our hallmark and the world will have no option but to hail our quality .

💡 Serenity 🕯️

We must do well never to see our value through the validation of others and develop ourselves to be our best original selves. Amen.

NB: God be glorified for the THREE years of Pope evansio’s reflections.
Thank you for keeping faith with me.


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