🌹 Pope Evansio’s reflection🧭 2022 week 3⛺ The good old days mantra❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️

Dr. Agbenyo

Left to die

“I will not make the mistake of sending anyone who needs urgent help to the hospital because I will be held responsible for their care and I am not prepared to bear their bills “.
This is the common response I got last Sunday from the onlookers at a popular lorry station when I chanced upon a man convulsing on the floor with blood oozing from his mouth and forehead at a popular lorry station to my question(as to why they looked on unconcerned?). I made an arrangement to get him to the hospital and even that, no one was willing to help me move him into my car. Luckily, the seizures ceased and he got up and walked off when someone poured cold water on him.

😡 Have we become a nation without conscience?

Do I have the feeling that we as people appear to have lost our way, making us oblivious to other people?

🙏Have we lost the certainty of hope and aspirations and moral fibre and in their place now exhibiting deep‐seated cynicism and disillusionment?

🙏Why are we plunged into a time of political uncertainty and economic distress, of widening difference between rich and poor, and sporadic violence and threats?

🙏Do I have a feeling that we have become a people with seared conscience or it’s all a figment of my imagination?

🙏Have we set up a failed system with the potential to annihilate us over time?

🙏Is it true that anyone who volunteers to send an injured/critically ill or any person who needs an urgent help to the hospital is made to take full responsibility for their care? If so, is that the best thing to do?

🙏Isn’t it true that even with the healthiest and the most up to date on health checks among us, none can predict when we may be involved in an accident or find ourselves in a critical health situation requiring movement to the hospital with no close relatives/associates around?

🙏How can we be so religious, and yet, allow lack of compassion towards our fellow human beings to permeate deeply to the detriment of our very survival?

🙏Are we not worried that when our collective good is lost, our existence becomes shaky?

🙏Isn’t it a fact that when a nation loses its collective conscience, truth is suppressed and depravity becomes accepted and systematic destruction is subtly or overtly approved?

🙏How reliable is any politics without principle; any religion without compassion; and any education without the skills to solve the myriad of problems which confront us?

🙏What will it take to wake us up from our deepening selfish slumber? When are we going to demand for a health system which does not know tribe, clan, creed nor colour? Or do we think that we shall always be conscious and manipulate the system in our favour? Has it occurred to us that the man in the story could have been any of us?

💞What are we doing to make the systems safe for all? Isn’t it about time we put people before profit?

💞isn’t it about time we came together to find solutions to the very large proportion of the people who are disadvantaged, dispossessed, dislocated and disoriented?

💞The time to wake up from our sleeping conscience is now or we must stop believing in any genuine increase.

💡 Serenity 🕯️

In the current global arena where survival of the fittest seems to be the order of the day, many of us appear to be deeply asleep when it comes to other people’s needs. We are fooled by the systematic desensitization going on.
Our unwillingness to acknowledge that our collective good is the only surest way to a purposeful increase is the reason why we keep sleeping while many perish. Amen.


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